Thursday, 10 April 2014

Fine Food Queensland 2014 - held in Brisbane

I'm sure many of you would have heard about Fine Food Queensland 2014 which will be held in Brisbane Exhibition & Convention Centre on April 15-17 (Sunday - Tuesday). If you haven't, then you can simply go to their website and have a read through about it. But, without further ado, let me summarise the event for you all.

The largest food industry event in Queensland will open its doors to members of the retail, food service and hospitality industry. It is a trade-only-event. Started in 1995 and for over two decades, it has held its event in Queensland and Australian Wide (FFA). It will be held for only 3 days in Brisbane and is filled with many actions including the focus on local produce this year, showcasing food, drink and equipment supplies, food and drink samples, master classes and live demonstrations. Over 6500 visitors and over 200 exhibitors on site, it will be such a great way to connect and make new networks, for yourself or for your company. 

Meeting with national and international suppliers do not only get you to realise the various suppliers and distributors available however, it will also allow you to connect and learn new or more knowledge. Alastair McLeod, Kirsten Tibbals, Phillip Johnson and Matt McAllister will be present at the show. 

New Elements in this year's show includes the following;

  • Brisbane Markets Fresh at Fine Food – showcasing fresh produce, locally grown and paying homage to the global movement Eat Local;
  • Chefs on the Couch – a panel discussions of local and interstate chefs discussing what’s hot and what’s not, and how to survive and thrive in this industry;
  • ACF Chefs Competition - live kitchens where local and interstate chefs will battle against each other in a series of cooking challenges using ingredients selected by the Australian Culinary Federation;
  • Caterers Kitchen - where exhibitors prepare/present products and menu inspiration ideas to the audience;
  • Business Program - centering on the business of food presented by local talent focusing on local needs and local and international trends;
  • The Beverage Theatre – where free masterclasses will take place, from wine tasting to food and beverage matching and the popular Coffee Academy.
As the hospitality industry is growing quickly with more new restaurants and cafes, new equipments, new international and local suppliers, the ever-so-informative event will open your eyes to the wonders available in store for you in the future. From coffee to alcohol, from pastries to dairy, from meats to seafood, from Europe to Asia, everything you could ever think of will be present at the show.

So come and join Fine Food Queensland !! You won't regret it.

Visit their website now for more info:

Saturday, 5 April 2014

Pablo, New Farm, Brisbane

Breakfast? New Farm? So many places to choose from.. and here lies Pablo, in the long road of Brunswick Street where restaurants from the West to the East is everywhere to be found.. Though parking may be a hassle, and weekend at its busiest as its free, you'll definitely not regret coming down in the morning for breakky or even for brunch.. Pablo isn't in the middle of the busiest area which I do quite like since the busyness of the other side may leave an impact while you're eating or such.. 

Tuesday, 1 April 2014

Moose & Gibson, Woolloongabba, Brisbane

Ever since Moose & Gibson opened their doors last year, there was always a part of me that wanted me to visit and give it a try but somehow never got the chance to.. not sure why exactly.. However, when I was contacted to try out the event that they had going on which was their Silent Cinema Tapas night which included a Tapas menu along with a silent cinema showing on the walls.. Quite simple but interesting event to have, especially if you don't get that type of event happening around in Brisbane, eating Tapas and watching a movie.. who could simply resist?

Wednesday, 26 March 2014

Jade Imperial, Galaxy Mall, Surabaya, Indonesia

Jade Imperial is one of the many restaurants located in Galaxy Mall in Surabaya.. Opened their first branch in early 2000 and has since then served Chinese food bringing skilled chefs from Hong Kong and China.. They have a wide range of dim sum options, along with fresh live seafood..

Thursday, 20 March 2014

The Coffee Club, Albert St, Brisbane CBD

Seems that this Coffee Club in the city is getting bustling too with office workers during lunchtime, or maybe just those for a cup of coffee and cake.. Though some may say the location may put it off, but others may like it since it's not too open in the heart of Queen Street.. Decided to come here for brunch since we were hungry already by the time we arrived in the city, and also, despite the fact that our legs just couldn't be bothered to walk that extra mile for other restaurants and cafes (although there are many new and yummy ones that has just opened..)

Saturday, 8 March 2014

Bakmi GM, 3rd Floor, Mall Taman Anggrek, Jakarta, Indonesia

Bakmi GM is one of Indonesia's famous noodle outlet that started in 1959 and have since then grew to having about 23 outlets in Jakarta and surrounding cities.. Offering simple noodle and rice dishes with their noodle dishes being the more popular out of the two. The noodles offered consists of a variety of noodle soups and such as chicken and mushroom noodle, Yi fu noodles, Beef noodles, Black pepper chicken noodles, Fried noodles or Beef ball noodles and so on.. As for their rice dishes which I usually don't order because I prefer and recommend the noodle dishes more, consists of fried rice, GM Chicken rice, Chicken and mushroom rice, Smoked Chicken rice,  Beef ball rice and so on.. Basically the only differences is that the meats are either served on noodles or rice according to what you choose..

Tuesday, 4 March 2014

369 Shanghai Dumpling & Noodle, Jl. Jemursari 101, Surabaya, Indonesia

My first stop when I arrived in Surabaya was a Shanghainese Dumpling & Noodle restaurant called 369..They currently have many branches opened all around Surabaya, including in Jakarta and Shanghai. However, the Jakarta and Shanghai branch doesn't seem to be as successful as the ones in Surabaya..

Sunday, 23 February 2014

Linkafe, Tunjungan Plaza 2, Surabaya, Indonesia

May I start this review by saying that the next couple of reviews would be dishes from South East Asia which I have just travelled to during my summer holidays.. I will keep reviewing on the many Brisbane restaurants that I have not yet posted, but there will be a few non-Aussie restaurants posts coming.. My summer holiday trip included a trip from Bne-Bali, Bali-Surabaya, Surabaya-Jogja, Jogja-Solo, Solo-Jogja, Jogja-Surabaya, Surabaya-Kuala Lumpur, Kuala Lumpur-Surabaya, Surabaya-Bali, Bali-Surabaya, Surabaya-Jakarta, Jakarta-Singapore, Singapore-Jakarta, Jakarta-Surabaya, Surabaya-Bali, Bali-Bne.. Kinda just travelled the same places over and over again.. and so here I am back in Brissie, on the very last weekend before I go back to my uni life, where all I will do other than studying will be of course, "eating"..

Linkafe is a somewhat traditional Indonesian restaurant that has always been the place where I would have to go to when I go back to Indonesia for the summer hols.. It offers a wide range of Indonesian dishes, may it be rice dishes or noodle dishes or even just traditional iced desserts or some nibbles here and there.. Located in one of the largest shopping malls in Surabaya, it is on the Tunjungan Plaza 2 area on their top floor..

Wednesday, 19 February 2014

Ristorante Tartufo, Emporium, Fortitude Valley, Brisbane

One of the classic Italian restaurants you can find around Brisbane, carpark might be a bother since they seem to always be not-enough and you have to go around twice or more times to find yourself a spot.. Tartufo, meaning 'truffle' in Italian is located in Emporium, Fortitude Valley, is busier by night than by day.. Came here for lunch and only a few tables were filled and seemed quite empty... Though rated by the Good Food Guide, got its hat rating, and I've tried a few of the other restaurants around it anyway so went here for lunch..

Sunday, 16 February 2014

The Gunshop Cafe, West End, Brisbane

Another revisit to Gunshop on a saturday for brunch before heading off to a cultural festival at the powerhouse.. The last time I ate here, I quite liked the food that they had on the menu, the classics but with its uniqueness with condiments that you wouldn't have thought of combining one with another with..